Bennett, Richard R. - Out of your sleep

Out of your sleep

Out of your sleep arise and wake,
for God mankind now hath y take.
All of a maid without any make;
Of all women she beareth the bell.
And through a maidè fair and wise,
now man is made of full great price;
Now angels knelen to man’s service,
And at this time all this befell.
Now man is brighter than the sun;
Now man in heav’n on high shall won;
Blessèd be God this game is begun
and his mother the Empress of hell
That ever was thrall now is he free;
That ever was small now great is she;
Now shall God deem both thee and me.
Unto his bliss if we do well.
Now man he may to hiaven wend;
Now heav’n and earth to him they bend.
He that was foe now is our friend.
This is no nay that I you tell.
Now blessèd Brother grant us grace,
At doomès day to see thy face,
And in thy court to have a place,
That we may there sing thee nowell.

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