Bennett, Richard R. - Susanni

A little child there is yborn, eia, eia, susanni.
And he sprang out of Jesse’s thorn. Alleluya
To save all us that were forlorn. Now Jesus is the childes name. Eia, eia, susanni.
And Mary mild she is his dame, Alleluya. And so our sorrow’s turned to game.
It fell upon the high midnight. Eia, eia, susanni.
The stars they shone both fair and bright. Alleluya. The angels sang with all their might.
Three Kings there came with their presents. Eia, eia, susanni.
Of gold and myrrh and frankincense. Alleluya. As clerkès sing in their sequence.
Now sit we down upon our knee, and pray we to the Trinity, our help and succour for to be.

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