Britten, Benjamin - Marsh Flowers

Britten, Benjamin

Uit: Five Flowersongs

Marsh Flowers

Here the strong mallow strikes her slimy root,
here the dull nightshade hangs her deadly fruit:
on hills of dust the henbane's faded green,
and pencil'd flower of sickly scent is seen,
here on its wiry stem, in rigid bloom,
grows the salt lavender that lacks perfume.
At the wall's base the fiery nettle springs with fruit globose and fierce with poison'd stings;
in ev'ry chink delights the fern to grow, with glossy leaf and tawny bloom below;
the few dull flowers that o'er the place are spread partake the nature of their fenny bed.
These, with our seaweeds rolling up and down, form the contracted Flora of our town.

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